Single Phase Line Reactors


  • Single-phase line reactance for current limitation
  • Built according to IEC-UNE-UNE-EN-61558-2-20 – Directive 2014/35 / EU.
  • Class HC windings (200ºC). Windings impregnated in Varnish. Tropicalized.
  • Class F insulation (140ºC). Ta = 40 ° C.
  • Test voltage 3 KV against earth. Protection against electric shock Class I.
  • Connection by protected terminals of indirect contacts.
  • Degree of protection of the IP-00 enclosure, according to UNE Standard 20324-EN 60529.
  • Calculated for a network voltage of 230V and UKn of 3.35% at Nominal intensity and frequency 50Hz.
  • Linearity without saturation up to 1.5 * In
  • Permissible thermal overload 1.3 * In
  • Its application is distinguished by the elimination of harmonics, switching micro-cuts and decrease of the Δi / Δt to which the semiconductors are subjected, disturbances generated by the static power converters.

230 V Uk = 3,35%

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