Three-phase Regulators



  • Reversible three-phase autotransformer, no circuit separator, 400V input and 0-400V adjustable output (Scheme 1) or 0-440V (Scheme 2) constructed according to VDE-0570-2-14 – IEC-UNE-EN-61558-2-13 – Directive 2014/35UE.
  • Column phase consists of three single-phase drives. For classification must take into account that the total power is the sum of the powers of the three drives.
  • Treated toroidal core. Tropicalized windings. Degree of protection IP-00.Thermal Class T-40 / E. Frequency 50-60 Hz.
  • Track rectified where a brush makes contact through which we obtain the different variable output voltages .
  • Mechanical adjustment by handwheel or motorized on request. Front sidemounting.
  • Production on request.

A46 (4000V /0-400V REG.) 


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