Quality Policy

ISO 9001-2015 TÜV TECNOLÓGICA INDUSTRIAL S.A. in an effort to maintain its goal of continuous improvement has decided to develop and implement a quality system that ensures the quality of products manufactured by the previous assurances for necessary components, materials, processes, manufacturing and verification tools and in the media and in training and capacity.of all the staff

It is therefore necessary, integration of all levels of the company, that means the active participation of all staff, with the fundamental idea that quality is everyone’s responsibility and all together build it up.

The focus on quality brings us closer to the optimization of manufacturing processes and better management of knowledge, allowing orderly planning of all procedures, detecting and removing the incidences in the process by treating non-conformities collectively and participatory, allowing to reduce costs of non-quality.

Therefore, the Direction has decided to implement, monitoring and ongoing review of a quality management system.

The Management.

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