Three-phase autotransformer


  • • Reversible three-phase autotransformer, non-separating circuits, voltage ratio 400 / 230V-N, built according to IEC-UNE-EN-61558-1, IEC-UNE-EN-61558-2-13, IEC / UNE-EN 60076-11 Directive 2014 / 35UE
    • Class HC (200º) and insulation windings:  Class F (140º) Ta = 40ºC
    • Windings impregnated in varnish. Tropicalized
    • Frequency 50-60 Hz
    • Test voltage: 3 kV. Protection against electric shock Class I.
    • Enclosure protection degree IP-00, IP-23 or IP-65.
    • Fixed self-transformer according to its mobility and not resistant to short circuits by construction

D44 (400V -230V-N)

D45 (400V -230V-N) SILENT

D48 (800V -400V-N)


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